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Estate Planning

John R Lonergan, P.A. Attorney at Law

Assisting in

Estate Planning

in Fort Meyers, Florida

Estate Planning - Wills & Trusts

John counsels clients through the estate planning process to lay a clear foundation for the future of the family assets by drafting a will and establishing trusts when and where appropriate.

When a crisis occurs, you or your loved ones may be forced to make complicated legal, tax and health-care decisions. A little planning now can go a long way toward protecting your assets for future generations.

John helps clients plan with professional estate planning services that include will and trust drafting, probate administration and litigation, asset protection and tax planning and guidance for executors and trustees. He also assists clients by clarifying the responsibilities of an executor and navigating clients through the tax implications and the legal formalities of estate planning.

John R Lonergan, P.A. Attorney at Law

Probate and Estate Administration

As a representative assigned to the estate by the court, John will assist you in all stages of the administration process.

  • Initial filing
  • Accounting for the estate
  • Payment of taxes
  • Payments to creditors
  • Closing the estate
  • Distribution of assets

He also represents beneficiaries of estates to safeguard their interests during probate administration.

  • Probate of formal taxable estates
  • Probate of formal non-taxable estates
  • Probate of summary administrations
  • Trust litigation
  • Transfer of homestead property to heirs
  • Representation of estate beneficiaries
  • Will contest and probate litigation
John R Lonergan, P.A. Attorney at Law


In accordance with Florida State law, an individual may be placed under the care of another person when specific legal criteria have been established. Litigation often occurs when an alleged incapacitated person wants to fight against the imposition of guardianship.

John will assist clients in defending against unwanted and unnecessary guardianship proceedings. It is essential for the parties fighting against a guardianship to be aware of the legal process and obtain a qualified attorney to assist in the legal steps required.

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